Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Two markets, a giant pumpkin raffle and Food, Inc.'s been a great season. Thank you everyone who has continued to support our small farm and local, organic, sustainably grown food!

We only have a couple farmers markets left in Laramie. However, we are continuing to produce food so we may have a few markets in our backyard to ensure that it doesn't go to waste.

This week we are going to be bringing up a giant pumpkin to raffle off at $1.00 a guess on the weight. Whoever is closest wins the pumpkin. Half of the proceeds go to the Soup Kitchen.

We want to thank the Soup Kitchen for taking all our extra produce each week and serving it up in delicious meals for their clients.

On September 24th, Thursday, there will be a free screening of Food, Inc. at the Ag. Auditorium. I've heard it's an amazing peak into food production in the US and a must see. But be warned it'll change the way you look at food and eat!

Keep posted and thank you.

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  1. hey danielle!! we haven't made it to the farmers market this year but i know since my mom will be visiting on Wed we will def be there friday! See you then :)