Thursday, August 12, 2010

Thursday Morning

I'm heading to the farm this morning, after I have some dandelion tea and make a kale slaw to share at lunch. It's going to be hot down there today and us poor Laramites don't do well in that heat as our blood is as thick as pudding.

It will be a fun day! Picking day is always fun. There is no weeding, just all of us picking, chatting, washing, and packing veggies for the farmers market on Friday.

We have a big group of friends today helping us, as Ricky is off in the Tetons hopefully resting and enjoying time with close friends.

We'll have the usual suspects at the market on tomorrow: kale, chard, scallions, green beans, radishes, potatoes, lettuces, onions, cucumbers, eggplant, yellow and green summer squash; as well as beets and carrots. Oh and garlic and tomatoes.

Hope to see you there! We will be there waiting!

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