Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hedgehog Fibers!

The farm is slowing down and this week is the last market in downtown Laramie!  We hope to see you there!  On October 1st, Friday from 3-7 there will be a market in front of Big Hollow Food Co-op on 1st Street.  So be sure to come on down and help all the farmers sell their last harvest!  We believe we will be there; but we have to see how much we have still growing.  The farm is wearing out and ready for fall slumber itself.

As many of you may not know I am a fiber spinner and knitter, and I found the most wonderful yarn from Hedgehog Fibers.   Beata Jezekova, I believe from Scandinavia, is the artist.  Beata has the most gorgeous hand painted fiber for spinning and yarn.   I just purchased 3 skeins of single ply worsted weight yarn in the most beautiful color pattern called Birch.  Many of you do know I am a fiber/yarn snob and this is top quality stuff!  Our computer is full so I couldn't take a photo to show you but here is her website:  You can purchase her fiber and yarns on Etsy!  She was wonderful to work with and I received my yarn in a very timely matter.  Please check out her beautiful creations! 

I found out about Beata from Stephen West's blog who is a young designer/knitter from Chicago. He designs unique shawls, hats and cowls ( a.k.a neck gators to us Wyomingites) and he has a book coming out this fall.  I've made two of his shawls and they are fun, easy and gorgeous.  Lori Kirk from Cowgirl Yarn in Laramie is hoping to carry his book when it comes out.   Here is his link:

When I get my computer up and running I will take pics of my shawls and the Hedgehog yarn knitted up.  Check out the baby blanket Beata knitted up from fiber she handpainted on her blog...amazing. 

Happy, Fall, Happy Veggie Eating and Happy Knitting!  Here in WY where the leaves are falling and winter is fast approaching knitting is a great way to hang with friends, drink tea and/or wine, catch up and knit!

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