Friday, March 18, 2011

Happy Spring 2011

Well spring is springing at the farm once again!  Ricky and I met my mom, Sheila, and my sister Sony down at the farm and had a St. Patrick's picnic with our landlord Tom.  It was a sunny, warm day and we became very excited about making plans for this coming farm year.  Ricky is figuring out our rotation of crops and what varieties we were going to plant.   Some new additions this year like Collards and Parsnips to name a few ( my two favorite veggies).   We began clean up of the flower beds around the house and were excited to see the tops of tulips and garlic shoots out in the farm.

 Danielle is moving to the farm in April 2011 to go to massage school at Massage Therapy Institute of Colorado in Denver until May 2012, so there are some big changes happening.  We are fixing up the farmhouse to make it comfortable for the year for Danielle, Gabby (15 year old red dog), Mesa (12 year old Border Collie) and Hobbes (2 year old cat rescue).  We have baby egg laying chicks on order that we pick up March 25th and a French Angora bunny and an English Angora bunny on order.  It's very exciting.

We plan on bringing you all the same fresh, delicious veggies we did last year delivered to Sweet Melessa's, Big Hollow Food Co-op, and the farmers market every Friday starting first weekend in July.  We are still too small to do CSA and provide the truly important places mentioned above.  So please come support community agriculture by visiting us and other local farmers at the market, purchasing veggies at the co-op or enjoying our greens and things at the best dining in town at Sweet Melissa's. 

We are still offering Micro Greens at the co-op and Melissa's and plan on offering them through the summer.  Thank you for your continued support, have a  happy spring and we'll see you this summer! 

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